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:: Upgraded front end of archive application from ASP.NET to Silverlight. -  January 09, 2011.

:: Check out my ETL solution implemented with classes. Alternative is to use SSIS. -  August 08, 2010.

:: Included additional SEO enhancements; Sitemap.xml, robots.txt and meta tags. -  February 04, 2010.

:: Finished upgrades for Search Engine Optimization. Incorporated url rewriting and content relocation. -  November 02, 2009.

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MVC 3 and Razor.
It seems the times of post-backs and flickering pages are gone with the advent of Silverlight. Silverlight is basically a user interface (UI) that provides a cross-browser platform. The learning curve is a bit high but it gets easier with experience. I wanted to see what it takes to replace ASP.NET Web Forms with Silverlight. I found that replacing the ASP.NET Web Forms interface with Silverlight is a snap. Hooking up the business layer to Silverlight UI layer is difficult. The reason for this ...
The following is an archive application that demonstrates multi-threading. It utilizes the Thread and ParameterizedThreadStart classes.
The purpose of SSIS is to create packages for ETL (Extraction-Transform-Load). Packages are usually run from SQL Server which makes it difficult to dynamically pass values to the package while it is running. I created an SSIS package to read a file, process it and post the results to a database. The path to the file is passed dynamically to the package through a windows interface. The package has the same functionality than an ETL program I previously developed with code (C#) and OOP. This ...
Data is the raw material of any business. Data is produced in-house during the day-to-day activities of the business and usually results from business activities such as the use of entry forms, e-mail and excel documents. On the other hand, data can also result from outside sources such as statements from credit card processing companies, data mining, marketing campaigns and public records from government agencies to name a ...
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) addresses issues that help web sites rank well with the major search engines. One major issue is duplicate content that results in low rankings in Google and Yahoo. Solutions to duplicate content include content relocation and url rewriting. This web store has been upgraded to include both solutions.
This sample demonstrates XML serialization and deserialization. It pre-authorizes and then fulfills a credit card utilizing a DataCash merchant account. The requests and responses are shown.
This is a SSIS solution that extracts name, address and account balance from a 1099Int file and generates bills in Word. An SSIS package extracts the data and transforms it into a comma-delimited file. The comma-delimited file is fed to Word Collaboration to produce bills that can be mailed to clients.
This sample uses XAML and .NET 3.0.
The purpose of this sample is to demonstrate NTier design. The sample has three layers, a Presentation, Business and Data layer. The functionality consist in binding an Access database to a DataGridView. Three main software patterns are used in this sample. A provider model is used in the data layer to support multiple data stores. Business objects are used in the business layer allowing for smooth binding to UI elements. The presentation layer listens to events allowing for a responsive application.
Demonstrates GUI, multi-threading in classic Visual Basic 6.0.
Demonstrates Windows Forms.

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